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Virgin. T-shirt. Pu-Mu.

Standing on Friday, August 17, at the Hamovnichesky court resulted in unexpected heat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErkQvOLHfZw

Altercation at «Mu-Mu cafe» in regards to wearing a T-shirt, demands to take it off and long-time inability of law enforcement bodies to take a decision on discontinuing a conflict, generated an outcry among freethinking Internet community. There was a latent thought – what kind of T-shirt with the famous words of the prayer to the Virgin Maria: "The Mother of God, send Putin away" (Богородица, Путина прогони) was it? Why does it appear neither in the TV-spot frame nor in the forum comments nor at social networks that picked up and spread 40-minute TV-spot?

Before clarifying the issue and showing a T-shirt there is a small preamble.

It started after December 4, 2011.

We, members of initiative group on carrying out a referendum "For Responsible Power" (IGCR "FRP" / ИГПР "ЗОВ"), coherently and quite a long time demanded punishing falsifiers of Russia’s Duma election: http://igpr.ru/za_chestnye_vibory

That was our demand as coming of prime minister Putin to power was provided with non-punishing a criminal (according to Art. 142.1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation "Falsification of Election Totals "), the Chairman of the Central Election Commission Churov, on merits for 4.12.2011 (In case of punishment – he would be imprisoned instead of organizing unfortunate operations of the commissions on president’s elections). As a result, faithful and eternal second violins played a performance: Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, Prokhorov with S. Mironov... The majority of population has never learnt about other candidates who were "cut" by the unaccomplished criminal Churov - B.S.Mironov, L.G.Ivashov, N.V.Levashov. As a result many people questioned "If not Putin, who else?!"

In order to draw attention of citizens to our constitutional supervising authority that catches neither mice, nor "rats from galleys", a duty that requires no special request, we, IGCR "FRP", produced T-shirts. Wearing one this T-shirt Denis Botchkarev, the cameraman of a sensational TV-spot, steadfastly defended his right to be called a human being and asked riffraff undressing him do not disturb his company.

On a T-shirt, letters styled as old Slavic ligature make you guessing the words: The MOTHER OF GOD * SEND PUTIN * AWAY followed by two lines written rather accurately and clearly below:

and Prosecutor-General is obliged

It means that the Prosecutor-General of Russia must institute a criminal proceeding based on the facts of falsified Duma elections – and if he did not deign to make it, appropriate authorities should punish him for neglect of work. He might be thinking again under the threat of penalty. For more details visit: http://otvechayka.org

Generally speaking, we consider blasphemous dancing at Moscow Christ the Savoir Cathedral as a successful special operation of Kremlin aimed at shifting attention of indignant people from political affairs to the religious ones. No need to search for opponents on these issues at high offices: even attitudes of ordinary Christianity supporters towards protesting dancers were divided. Folk art in the crowd at the Hamovnichesky court was represented with quite creative items: there was a girl wearing original T-shirt depicting woman’s head in red mask as of those from Pussy Riot, in the TV-spot from "Mu-Mu", at the table among Bochkaryov’s friends... However, namely our simple and unpretentious white T-shirt caused complaints of those who initiated the conflict.

We have every reason to think that namely lower part of our T-shirt with wording "and the Prosecutor-General is obliged ... otveCHAYKA.org" caused in major indignation of attackers.

This assumption is formed by the number of indirect facts:
1. Attack is closely related to the pro-Kremlin movement "Nashi" (Ours): http://vestnikk.ru/society/crucial/8742-bogorodica-putina-progoni.html
2. Attacker tried to shift conflict to the criminal plane: using terms "stirring up religious strife", "extremism".
3. Impudence and forcefulness of attackers was poorly supported with religious arguments, and their aggression did not match image of truly Orthodox people.
4. Attackers never mentioned the content of the T-shirt’s lower part lines, wishing no additional advertising for oppositional site from their point of view.

Probably, contents of otveCHAYKA.org site scared the leaders of Nashi ‘infantry’, and the ‘infantry’ received appropriate instructions. But, most likely, ‘infantry’ truly defending its benefactors over-watched and chose the T-shirt to express discontent that hit the bull’s eye of Kremlin and accidentally advertised the idea carried by the T-shirt.

Our assumption is supported by two comments to the discussed TV-spot that were published on August 21 under a nickname Narodovlastie ("People’s power") about 0:30am and 1:00am:

Я видел, что за футболка у этой компании - так ДЕЛО ТАМ ВОВСЕ НЕ В БОГОРОДИЦЕ!
Там кривыми старыми буквами написано "Богородица, Путина прогони..." а ниже чётко и разборчиво "А ГЕНПРОКУРОР - ОБЯЗАН!"
Эти типа верующие молодчики - нашисты! И зацепились они не за обращение к богородице, которого там и не видно толком - а за призыв к генпрокурору! Это ЧАЙКА ОБЯЗАН ПРОГНАТЬ ПУТИНА! А чайка, сука, не чешется. Нашисты прекрасно понимают, что их РЕЖИМ ПАДЁТ НЕ ОТ КРЕСТА, А ОТ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ ЗАКОННОСТИ!!!

(I saw a T-shirt of this company - so MATTER IS NOT IN GOD’S MOTHER!
There is a phrase “Mother of God send Putin away!” written with old crooked letters and below there is a clear and legible inscription "And the PROSECUTOR GENERAL - is OBLIGED!"
These, kind of believing thugs, are – Nashists! They did not cling to the Mother of God, there is no such appeal at all – but to the appeal to the Prosecutor General! This is Chayka, who is OBLIGED to SEND PUTIN AWAY! And Chayka, the bitch, does not bother to do so. Nashists understand pretty well that their REGIME WILL NOT FALL BECAUSE of CROSS but BECAUSE of DEMAND of LEGALITY!!!)

Погуглил фото этой футболки - там ссылка на сайт otveCHAYKA . ORG Сайт собирает подписи против генпрокурора. Похоже, верующая молодёжь из прокуратуры - потому такая смелая и звали полицаев на помощь.
(I googled a photo of this T-shirt – there is a link to the site otveCHAYKA. ORG that collects signatures against the Prosecutor General. It seems that "believing" youth belongs to the prosecutor's office as they were so brave and called police for assistance)

This is how the “Novaya Gazeta” showed the T-shirt to us http://www.novayagazeta.ru/news/59058.html:

And this…

So, does anybody care about the content of the T-shirt that locked so many horns over it?

This is the back of the T-shirt that appeared at the Hamovnichesky court http://komikz.ru/news/just/?id=7443:

And the front side:

If “Prosecutor General obliged” is not clear, read the articles:


Please note IGCR "FRP" is not against of people’s political meetings and demonstrations. On the contrary, we want to add more meaning to them:


Nashists believing in their Kremlin patrons clearly understand that if Chayka starts following his Constitutional duties the system will come to end. Therefore our reminders about Chayka make them furious.

Below there are two independent extracts of the statements of aggressive riffraff from a TV-spot including time scale and the comments justifying riffraff behaviour.

1 extract.
04:14. Nashists started calling policemen. They are sure they may leave easily even if reports will be filed against them. Indeed, they are Nashists.
10:35 and further. They call police impudently and loudly.
12:00. Nashists began making mistakes directly shouting that it was an appeal against a political regime: "This is the head of our state and it is disgusting to live in the state, which you shitted on!"
14:25. Continue making mistakes: "This is the overthrow of the government! Appeal is on a T-shirt! That’s it!" And they came to their senses afterwards: there is also insulting to religious feelings and so on.
16:00. "It is the head of our state! An appeal to extremism, to power change!" Well, purely Kremlin rhetoric. Nashists, indeed!
16:50. "Is police coming - or should I start breaking anything?" Impudent and unpunished Nashists.
18:40. "What is your name, full name? Who are you at all? Or are you scared?" They waited for a full answer: right, they should report against those who bear the right ideas!
20:20. "What western agent are you? What grant is paid for you?" They judge others by themselves, unfortunate people.
26:45. "You are Bolsheviks!" The fear of blood is secondary here – the fear of threatening the regime is on the first place.
29:40. "Western agents! They sat here discussing some plans." Words are not maidens, but Kremlin trolls.
32:25. "The police are not with Pussy Riot! Who threw asphalt ". Either Kremlin troll expressed hatred of demonstrators on Bolotnaya, with many participants accused by police of throwing asphalt, or she meant the policemen who threw asphalt.
39:40. "In addition to religion they blame the president of the country who was elected and legally recognized by everyone. I don't want everyone throwing dirt on him, to live in the country where president is stirred with shit".

2 extract.
9:21. "Why do you hate Russia so much? Why have you decided to put this T-shirt on?" And where is hatred to Russia on the T-shirt?
12:10. "We are insulted as well as the head of our state". Where are insults on the T-shirt?
13:36. "It is extremist. Don’t you see? It is extremist... (it is illegible, shows on a T-shirt) We will prove it!" And they will. Only in the real, people’s court, the real prosecutors will prove otherwise.
14:30. "To government overthrow. Appeal on the T-shirt" Where is it?
14:52. "We have gas burner. You either remove it and burn or turn it over." And burn it on yourself?-)
15:42 "Appeal to the state power overthrow." Persistent repetition.
16:16. "An appeal to power change in illegitimate way." These quasi-orthodox are funny: if the Mother of God sends Putin away – will it be illegal?-)
16:44. "You are extremist." Repeats several times - probably, liking this word.
20:57. "Don't insult our sacred Virgin Maria!" Why would She be offended? Because of the last name of usurper?
24:30. Strangely enough, nobody asserted a claim to the girl wearing brighter T-shirt with image of the red head as of dancer in the Cathedral. It means the claims are asserted only to the text on the only T-shirt.
31:13. "It is not pleasant to hear this about the president."Nobody likes hearing this -)
32:26. "Glory to police!" Who will be glorified after policemen? Traitors?
39:41. "In addition to the religious issues they... stir the president with shit". No, our president is independent...
40:42. They even talk calmly with the girl in a bright T-shirt!.
42:30. "Indeed we have no claims to anybody, except for this person". They directly point to the cameraman of a TV-spot, as the only source of annoyance.

So many coincidences are not occasional, the same like the problem that is being solved by all “believers together”: to lock carriers of ideas of legality and responsibility even if they wear these ideas just as outer clothing. Another question is whether "carriers" understand these ideas? It is better to have more understanding people with active civic stand!

Those who want to buy a T-shirt like in the TV-spot send e-mail to: igpr.mos@gmail.com, we will think about it.

V. Parfyonov